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Blakewill and Harris - CV



The Invasion Of The Old Etonians - Online (Finite Funnies)

Satirical look at the resurgence of the aristocracy. Writers.

Pithy News - Online (Finite Funnies)

Web series. Everything you wanted to know about a variety of subjects in 47 seconds!. Writers and devisors.

Zubox Sketches - Online (Zubox TV)

Regular writers for this topical animation YouTube channel.

The X Husband - BBC Online (BBC)

Sketch starring Peter Dickson. BBC Comedy Extra's most-viewed video of 2009.

The Genius Room - Online (Rough Cut)

Series of web-based comedy infomercials. Writers.

Arsenal's Big Day Out - Online (BBC Online)

Topical sketch about Arsenal/s trip to Barcelona. Script Editors.

Strictly Gone Bonkers - Online (BBC Online)

Sketch about a non-dancing chicken. Writers.

Celebville - (Magicworlds)

Animated celebrity-based narrative series. Writers.

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